20 December 2008

19 December 2008



Grasshopper visual script for a grid points surface deformed by one point.
Next step is to realize countouring section of the surface in order to create a isoline field controlled by different points.

Visual script do:
.generate grid points
.generate line in z direction with lenghts controlled by referenced points x,y,z position
.generate grid points surface with end points of the lines
.draw section lines with variable distances

01 December 2008


Rhino Grasshopper isocurve surface file fixed with Andrea Graziano from DigitAG&.

30 November 2008

27 November 2008


Little relax after last competition deadline...I'm working on little electro installation from our studio...pretty cool hardware work for an electronic dummie like me.


Last isocurve surface test done with rhino grasshopper.

25 November 2008


The cylinders have radius and height as parametric variables. Through the command heightfiled rhino creates a surface that has a grid of points where the coordinates x, y and z correspond to the RGB values at that point on the surface. The feature that join the parametric grid points and components of the cylinder is (x / y) + z. The test was done with the face of Obama. Thanks to Zach Downey, architectural designer, for the tutorial.

24 November 2008


Working on isocurves surface in order to create different effects from input surface. I did this trial for study a new concept of discretization of surface and find pattern visual effects like moire generated from many close lines.