10 May 2010

(Cvs)Field 01

First exercize on parametric field generated from a curves. Original GH definition by E.Scripelliti.

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pblrsnd said...


This is incredible! Did you make it just by using grasshopper?
I've been exploring vector fields but I couldn't get continuous curves, just small vectors.


Hi Pablo,
these curves are generated with a GH definition. The field was created by a curves and a grid of points. Points are moved in Z direction by their distance to the closest points to the curves, then a surface was generated from points moved. Finally the surface was cut from a series of planes obtaining the curves that you see in this post.

pblrsnd said...

Hi Davide,

Thanks for the quick reply! I've managed to get a result similar to yours, but when it came to referencing I had to use several curve components with only on curve on each. I couldn't work out how to reference multiple curves and relate those to the attractors.

Unknown said...

Amazing work!
Im trying to do something like this in my diploma thesis. Would u be so kind to share the gh. file please? i need it for research purposes only. Thank you