19 March 2012


3d model inspired by UNStudio the changing room pavilion

Rhinoceros // blend geometries workshop: if you're interested contact us at cognitiowsATgmail.com, training places still available, info at: http://www.co-de-it.com/wordpress/cognition-workshop-series-rome.html

14 March 2012

Mesh relaxation 04

Other Kangaroo test for a canopy using mesh relaxation algorithm.

Displacement on 3dmax

3d displacement pattern on surface with 3dmax, simple steps for a very cool effect.


I worked on a mesh with tpline without a precise idea, I don't know how to use it, for now I will use it as test surface on which I could apply the scripts of my workshops. You can see below a screenshot of the process, starting from rhino tspline and optimazing the mesh with 3dmax to return in rhino platform for the final model and rendering.

proto-reptile skin //

This is an old model for a smoothed skin in rhinoscript, a wip for one exercise of Rhinoscript // reptile skin workshop, follow the link for more info and the agenda of the workshop.

wip '11//

Some conceptual works from my fb album "wip 02"_

snowflakes pattern in grasshopper+tspline

Continuous skin starting from a simple mesh component

Canopy realized with kangaroo mesh relaxation starting from an hexagonal mesh pattern

Rhinoscript recursion + weaverbird smoothing ( this is an exercize from the agenda of the next Rhinoscript // reptile skin workshop )

looping exercise in rhinoscript

Grasshopper hair system with kangaroo plugin