09 December 2013

Lloyd's algorithm.

Stay tuned for the release of the GH script.

29 August 2013

05 August 2013

Maya sketches 01

Some speculations about my training in Maya...tbc

21 July 2013

Gh python Field

Testing the Gh Python component, it's a first attempt, more to come...soon the ghx file at www.co-de-it.com

copy and paste in the GH python component:

#code by davide del giudice www.co-de-it.com
# import library 

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

import math 

#create a list

myList= []
myList2= []

#start looping structure
for att in attractors:
    attLoc = rs.PointCoordinates(att)
for i in range (0,num):
    for j in range (0,num):

        #define the radius
        myZ= radius*math.sin(math.tan(j*(i)))+0.2
        #define center point
        myPoint= (spacing*i,spacing*j,myZ)
        #create the sphere
        myPt= rs.AddPoint (myPoint)
        #store the current sphere on the list
        value= rs.Distance (myPt,attLoc)
        print value
        myZ2= myZ*value
        myPoint2= (spacing*i,spacing*j,myZ2)
        myPt2= rs.AddPoint (myPoint2)

#return the list of spheres 
points= myList2

12 July 2013

proto Lamp 01

Playing with minimal surface...tbc