27 April 2009

Phyllotaxis System03

Phyllotaxis system lofting variations.

Phyllotaxis System02

Phyllotaxis system variations by rhinoscript code.

Phyllotaxis system01

From Wikipedia "In botany, phyllotaxis or phyllotaxy is the arrangement of the leaves on the stem of a plant.

I'm working on phyllotaxis system in order to construct vertical spiral variations with a rhinoscript code:

-plot an array of points by x,y,z coordinates follwing mathematical logic with several variations
-draws 2 lines in order to draw first petal profile
-divide profile in one array of points defined by the user
-draw circle with previous array points as centerpoint and curvature value of profile petal as radius
-create loft surfaces
-make a polar array to realize final system

"hot" code:
'Script copyrighted by www.madeincalifornia.blogspot.com
'Script version Thursday, 16 April 2009 17:43:39

Call phyllotaxis_system()
Sub phyllotaxis_system()

Dim x,y,z,theta
Dim n:n=0

Dim dbla,dblb,dble,strobjects,strtxt,strline,ArrCurves3,p
'Call Rhino.EnableRedraw(False)

For n=0 To 50 Step 0.5
ReDim Preserve arrPts(n),arrPts1(n)
ReDim Preserve arrcircle(n),arrcone(n)
Dim arrplane
dble= 2.7182818284590
y= -dbla*(dble*(dblb*theta))*sin(theta)
arrPts(n) = array(x,y,z)
rhino.AddPoint arrpts(n)

End Sub

24 April 2009


image credits: David Rutten

Interesting discussions about the definition of Parametric:

An example of massive parametric modelling at DRL (Design Research Laboratory, AA) thesis form third and final phase of parametric urbanism agenda: denCity is a Masters level research project by Sahra (Peter Sovinc, Saif Almasri, Suryansh Chandra) 

Simple Honeycomb05

Update of last GH definition, now the compents works better in terms of loft surfaces.

23 April 2009

Components surface 04

Another test on components surface through simple multiple component with one point reference in order to reconstruct a complex surface like continua series sculpture by Erwin Hauer.

22 April 2009

Simple Honeycomb04

My first attempt to realize a responsive component for a surface panelization in Grasshopper. Parametric controls are applicated at this component like height of first column of cells, dimension of cells trough U&V of surface, aperture of first column of cell by an attractor point and aperture of second column cells trough slider controller.

15 April 2009

Simple Honeycomb03

Now with this grasshopper definition you can extrude the honeycomb lines radially normal to the surface, control extrusion lenght and U,V of surface.

07 April 2009

Spaceframe 05_aast Installation

aast/// spaceframe installation

Location: aast exhibition Settimo Torinese,Turin, Italy
authors: Davide del Giudice, Andrea Graziano
thanks to: ToDo design, Elena Scripelliti