27 April 2010

RH_rebuild Arcs /////////////////////////////////////////

This RhinoScript is very simple but useful to save time spended when we create flat drawing from rhino model with the command make2d, to compose sections or elevations and then export to Autocad.
This code reconstructs the curve that has many points in an arc by 3 points, so our drawing will be
much cleaner. For my drawing the error approximations is 0,05 cm, it depends from the scale of drawing and number of points on curves created after make2d command.

Option Explicit
'Script written by davide del giudice
'Script copyrihted by www.co-de-it.com
'Please visit www.madeincalifornia.blogspot.com
'Script version Friday, 23 April 2010 15:17:58

Call rebuild_arcs()
Sub rebuild_arcs()
Dim arrpointstrobject,strobject, arrarcs,count

Dim arrobjects: arrObjects = Rhino.GetObjects("Select a curve",4)

For Each strobject In arrobjects


Dim arrPoint1:arrPoint1 = Rhino.CurveStartPoint(strObject)
Dim arrPoint2:arrPoint2 = Rhino.CurveEndPoint(strObject)
Dim arrpoint3:arrPoint3 = Rhino.CurveMidPoint(strObject)

arrarcs= Rhino.AddArc3Pt (arrpoint1, arrpoint2, arrpoint3)

Call Rhino.ObjectColor(arrarcs, RGB(0,255,255))
Call rhino.HideObject (strobject)
Call rhino.AddTextdot ("new arc"&"_"&count, arrpoint1)
'Call rhino.AddText ("new arc"&"_"&count, arrpoint1)

End Sub


26 April 2010

Blend Morphologies05/////////////////////////////////////////

Grasshopper Blend Morphologies applied to a skin design concept.

Blend Morphologies04/////////////////////////////////////////

Grasshopper Blend morphologies definition applied to a pavillion design concept.

Blend Morphologies03/////////////////////////////////////////

Blend morphologies controlled by Bezier Graph component.

25 April 2010

Blend Morphologies02/////////////////////////////////////////

Grasshoper definition that blends 6 curves each other.
Download this definition: blend curves01_Co-de-iT_GH06059.rar

12 April 2010

Blend Morphologies01/////////////////////////////////////////

This Grasshopper definition mimic the process of Blend Tool in Maya. The definition extrapolates control points from first curve and final curve, then connects this points with lines. Third step is divide this line by variable points controlled by one slider, then reconstruct profile curves with the interpolated curve component and control the number of profile sections. Blend tool is like a morph tool in 3Dmax.

from Wikipedia:

"Morph is from the Greek morphe meaning shape or form. For example, the word metamorphosis means a change in shape or form.

08 April 2010

ClosestPoints 02 /////////////////////////////////////////////////

Another variation from last GH definition. This time a path created by an interpolated curve component passes trough several points with random x,y,z coordinates. The path follows the sequence, starting from the first point nearest to Origin Point and continues until the last point. Emergent paths follow the position of Origin Point.

07 April 2010

ClosestPoints 01 /////////////////////////////////////////////////

This definition calculates distances from a group of points and an Origin Point, then plots a counter text dot for every points from the nearest to the farthest point and writes the respective distance value from the Origin Point.