28 March 2011

Magnetic hexy field02

Other images about my last experiment in magnetic field, a Daniel Piker's def.

Advanced Grasshopper workshop, Co-de-iT, Firenze

Just come back from three intesive days of scripting in C# and Vb.net Grasshopper workshop.
Thanks to our awesome tutor Giulio Piacentino and to my Co-de-iT friends Alessio Erioli, Andrea Graziano, Bruno Demasi and Tommaso Casucci and to all the other guys at the workshop.

CO.DE.computational designer as new professional profile[Plug-it]

I took part at Plug it GH workshop in Rome as invited lecturer and in my lecture I've talked about computational designer, a new professional profile in our society. I showed my personal works in the field of parametric research and digital design trough different tools like scripting and parametric system.


Workshop di Grasshopper_"PLUG IT"
Tutor: Arturo Tedeschi

lecturer: Davide Del Giudice | Zaha Hadid Architects | Co-De -iT
guest: Maurizio Arturo Degni
assistant: Matteo Gobbi
photos: Arch. Rosetta Angelini

Davide del Giudice_nuove tecnologie per l'architettura.

Some of my experiments in Computational design are featured at CityVision magazine n.1, here a link to the magazine: http://issuu.com/cityvisionmag/docs/cityvision_mag Thanks to Francesco Lipari.

Emerging computation_Marco Vanucci interview.

Emerging computation is an interview of Marco Vanucci from OPENSYSTEMS by Davide Del Giudice on CityVision magazine. Here the on line version of the magazine: http://issuu.com/cityvisionmag/docs/cityvision_issue_2_web Special thanks to Marco Vanucci, Francesco Lipari and Maria Azzurra Rossi.

CityVision competition.

Visit this link to know more about this competition:

24 March 2011

Magnetic hexy field01

This is an exercise to test multiple attractors in a hexagonal field and testing the construction of quad meshes in order to reconstruct the entire field with only one mesh. The smoothing effect was done with Weaverbird plugin. More info, images and GH definition asap. Thanks to Alessio Erioli for his kindly collaboration.