28 February 2008

voronoi style

Using InkScape i did my new wallpaper. Click image for download :)

26 February 2008

20 February 2008

Do you need vectors?

I used this fantastic online tool for convert bitmap image in vector format. Let's Try it:


This kind of design remember me Scanner Darkly movie.

furniture design_ DL_wip 01

Actually i'm working on 3d model optimization from sketchup file and rendering for this furniture design. These are very poor wip, it' s only the first step.

18 February 2008

stuff 4 DRL 10 Exhibition.

Some images for this prestigious exhibition that will held in London from 22 of February at the Architectural Association in London.
The AAdrl 10 ex. is a compilation of drl architects' works. I partecipe with my actually studio, with a Wood pavilion project in Italy, near Turin. See you in London.

Devices_wpVR_wip 03

From dag' suggestion, i make one happy render for this pavilion project.

12 February 2008

Vray matte surface.

Devices_wpVR_wip 02

Some pictures from studio about laser cut model and project boards.

08 February 2008

Devices_wpVR_wip 01

Ecco qualche wip del progetto che prende forma in studio...
Sono rimasto nell'ambito della ricerca dei padiglioni...e questa volta lo realizziamo, con tutti i problemi del caso.
Più si va avanti e più i problemi ti aiutano ad affinare il dettaglio del progetto. Il workflow utilizzato è molto pratico, realizziamo il modello in rhinoceros e poi ricaviamo i disegni che rendiamo esecutivi con il cad.
Incontrando persone molte competenti riguardo la tecnologia del legno, imparo molte cose utili e trasferisco le informazioni apprese nei miei disegni.

Il progetto è un landscape design: 5 devices che renderanno riconoscibile il parco lungo il bordo del fiume Ceronda.

05 February 2008

AA DRL V10_phase II_final review

"This graduating year of DRL will conclude the second of three cycles of its current research agenda, Parametric Urbanism. It investigates the ways in which associative design systems can control and adjust larger urban life-processes, embedding intelligence into the formation, organisation and performance of urban spaces, uses, activities, interfaces, structures and infrastructures. The complexities of communication and exchange inherent to the twentieth-century city are, in effect, parametric expressions of intensely networked, distributed forms of global urbanism. Newly accessible parametric design tools are the product of contemporary technological culture.

Over this two-day jury, 11 Phase II Design Teams will present their proposals for innovative forms of accelerated urbanisation for the Expo 2010 site in Shanghai, one of the fastest-expanding and densifying cities in the world. Four design studio briefs were pursued in four parallel studios, conducted by Yusuke Obuchi, Patrik Schumacher, Theo Spyropoulos and Tom Verebes.

The following invited critics, among others from the AA, will join the jury:
Ben van Berkel, Karl S. Chu, Sulan Kolatan, Bill MacDonald and François Roche."

txt via www.aaschool.ac.uk

more photo at www.aalog.net

and www.core.form-ula.com

see my link about aadrl at http://del.icio.us/ddelgiu/drl

02 February 2008

Devices_wpVR_wip 00

Some wip about the structure of wood pavilion.

01 February 2008

Devices_wood pavilion in Venaria Reale

Some pictures from my desk.