23 June 2011

Untitled pavilion//

Some wip of a pavilion competition proposal modeled with Tsplines.

20 June 2011

wip '10 //

Some images of my WIP album on Facebook, done last year.

Quad mesh component//

Here some images from my last wip, working on complex double surfaces and mesh component with Grasshopper.

02 June 2011

Computational Craft_Shajay Bhooshan interview.

Computational Craft is an interview of Shajay Bhooshan from ZHA, CO|DE by Davide Del Giudice on CityVision magazine N.3. Here the online version of the magazine (pg.74) :http://issuu.com/cityvisionmag/docs/cityvision_3_completo Special thanks to Shajay, Francesco Lipari and Maria Azzurra Rossi.