25 August 2009

Image Field02 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Testing image sampler component with a diagrid pattern tesselation. This is the source image :

24 August 2009

Image Field01 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

This definition works with new image sampler component. To work correctly make sure you're choosing Value(brightness) in filter option in the image sampler component and X e Y domain of the image sampler ( Setting option) longer than the texture image( easy way is to create a texture image big than the projection of the surface on the x,y plane).
The radius of the circle that have center at U,V points surface is connected with the brightness value of the texture image at the u,v points.

22 August 2009

Attractor lines 02///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Multiple line attractor definition via Grasshopper. Evalauate Closest Points and Curve Closest Points is the key for this kind of attractor.

Magnetic field 01///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

From a definition of Daniel Piker and inspired to the work of A-Engine i created this Grasshopper definition.

19 August 2009

Phyllotaxis System 04///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

From last post on Phyllotaxis System i've worked on a simple VB code in order to create the main profile to copy and rotate for a phyllotaxis, following one of the very useful tutorials on DesignReform.

Uneven Surface Diagrid 01///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

A series of parametric exercises done in the past months. This is about controlling diagrid spacing with a Graph mapper component (from Grasshopper Primer_second edition manual).

05 August 2009

1st WS Design with Maya, MELscript and plug-in_photos and students works /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

tutors del 3 days workshop:

Ludovico Lombardi ( Zaha Hadid Architects London)

link: http://www.ldvc.net/

Fulvio Wirz ( Zaha Hadid Architects London)

link: http://www.dezeen.com/2008/08/10/aura-by-zaha-hadid-architects/

more at: http://aast09.wordpress.com

works: E.Scripelliti, G.Toniolo, N.Casas

Digital Primitive 2 ' Experimenta Design Lisboa 2009

Via Caterina Tiazzoldi :

"Principal of the architecture firm Nuova Ordentra/ Caterina Tiazzoldi, based in New York City and director of the Non Linear Solutions Unit at the school of architecture at Columbia University am pleased to invite you to the opening of Onion Pinch and Porcupine, two installations designed in collaboration with Eduardo Benamor Duarte for the Bienial Experimenta Design 09 in Lisbon during the "Digital Primitive Event #2: iterative Design".

Onion Pinch will be presented at the Cais do Sodre Subway Station and Porcupine in the Lisbon Altlis Hotel from September 9th to November 8th.
The Digital Primitive Event # 2 “Iterative Design”, is the second event of a sequence initially presented at the Giulio Capellini’s Young Talents selection for the Temporary Museum for New Design held in the Milan Design Week, April 2009.

In its Lisbon edition Digital Primitive goal is to test the relation existing between globalized design technique such as parametric devices when meeting the specificity of a local condition such material constraints,sustainability, security.

Onion Pinch is an installation set in the Cais do Sodre Subway station, featuring the work of 13 New York based design NYC from academia, small shops, to achieve to the corporate world. The design for the Installation is
processed through the transformation of a same component - a sheet of cork arranged as an “onion ring”. Thanks to its focuses on cork qualities and capacity to adapt to the body form the project that after the Lisbon Biennal will be introduced in the permanent collection of the Cork museum.

Throw Felt Along Curve - Porcupine sitting – The second Lisbon installation is Porcupine is an adaptable sitting for hotel lobbies, restaurants and airports waiting areas, expressly designed for the reception space of the Altis Belém Hotel & Spa in Lisbon. Inspired from the fractal growth of a shell, it is realized in naturalwoolen felt and fiber glass, representing Portugal’s historical relevance in the textile and plastic manufacturing. Its design has been generated with a parametric logic (deriving from a Grasshopper application) that allows to be reconfigured according to the room size and customer’s inputs.

Onion Pinch is an installation set in the Cais do Sodre Subway station, featuring Associated Fabrication; AUM STUDIO / Ed Keller – Carla Leitão ; Mark Bearak; Benamor Duarte Architecture ; Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation Columbia University ; Labdora / Peter Macapia ; Lúcio Santos ; Nuova Ordentra/ Caterina Tiazzoldi , SOM Skidmore, Owings & Merill, Supermanoeuvre / Dave Pigram- Iain Maxwell ; Tietz-Baccon / Erik Tietz - Andrew Baccon; Theverymany / Marc Fornes ; Z-A studio / Guy Zucker.