25 May 2008

UIA Infopoint_electric field pavilion_02

Some wip of the design phase of our proposal for the competition of UIA Infopoint. Using the tools electric field of rhino4 we've determined the first design of the pavilion. Have been identified points corresponding to the programme and were loaded with charges positive and negative depending the attraction or repulsion of those points, the project has evolved becoming a very overlapping layers of a single material with a certain thickness which led to the boundaries of the space program by making the walls totally permeable and transmitting the activities of external space outside and vice versa.

3 commenti:

dag said...

maaaaa come si usa rhino? ;)
c`ho un po` di polvere sui neuroni ormai;)))

complimenti cmq, questa parte e` veramente interessante, grande!


PEJA said...

Che orgasmo! Bravo...

davide del giudice said...

Grazie ragazzi!