11 February 2009

Honeycomb panels 04

Optimization of last Honeycomb rhinoscript.
Now the script works with IsoCurve surface, in this case the honeycomb pattern follow the curvature of the input surface. Pattern now results more interesting than the last version.
I've found the main part of code for extract isocurve into Monkey :

strObject = Rhino.GetObject("Select surface for isocurve extraction", rhObjectSurface)
For i=0 To 100
arrPoint = Rhino.GetPointOnSurface(strObject, "Select from left to right o viceversa 10 location points on surface for extraction")

arrParameter = Rhino.SurfaceClosestPoint(strObject, arrPoint)

Rhino.ExtractIsoCurve strObject, arrParameter , 1



Change integer 100 with your preferences, it's the number of isocurve extracted. The parameter 1 at last string is 1 for V isocurve, 0 for U isocurve and 2 for both.

The script also hide the input surface and the isocurve extracted.

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