26 March 2009

Simple Honeycomb01

Simple rhino grasshopper definition for a honeycomb tesselation without VBscript.

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Paulo Guerreiro said...

wow !!! great. Thanks I'm taking time to see this one !!!

great work, as usual :)

cheersn !!

davide del giudice said...

Hey Paulo, thanks for your comment. I appreciate so much.

Piyush Bajpai said...

hi, i've run into some trouble while creating this flowchart.

the 2 area boxes and the 3 line boxes are still orange although i'm following your exact flowchart.

do you have any guesses why it may not be working?!

Piyush Bajpai said...

never mind. i figured it out.

davide del giudice said...

Let me know if it was useful.

paradise said...

Hello Davide,

I'm trying to rebuild and understand your interesting simple honeycomb flowchart but I can't find the component "Explode" that you use in it ?
Could you tell where I can find it ?


Great job.


Hi Paradise,

you can find Explode component under Surface, Analysis, BRep Components.

paradise said...

Thanks a lot.
I would like to congratulate you for your job. I will study grasshopper this summer and publish my work on the blog and my website 'www.paradise.hk' if you are interested. Regards.


thank you very much. I' ll check your blog surely.

Anonymous said...

hi Piyush Bajpai said...i am having the same problem.."the 2 area boxes and the 3 line boxes are still orange"...could u plz let me know how u figured it out? thanks a lot..