07 April 2009

Spaceframe 05_aast Installation

aast/// spaceframe installation

Location: aast exhibition Settimo Torinese,Turin, Italy
authors: Davide del Giudice, Andrea Graziano
thanks to: ToDo design, Elena Scripelliti

10 commenti:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Davide,

Your installation looks good.
Greetings from Porto,

Gonçalo Henriques

Anonymous said...

e' vagamente simile ad un modello che alcuni miei compagni di corso hanno fatto un po' di tempo fa...



davide del giudice said...

x Gonçalo Henriques:

thanks so much,really appreciated

x Anonymous:

è vagamente simile...

Ale2x72 said...

Nice job Davide! And Andrea too, of course!

uncle pritt said...

bella installazione!!
avrei voluto partecipare all'appuntamento, ma impegni presi in precedenza non mi hanno fatto assistere...che rabbia!
bel lavoro.

Anonymous said...

My name is Vladimir,
I'm from Russia. I also work in RhinoCeros Grasshopper. And
I saw a link to your blog on the site "designalyze.com". May be you can help me?
I took a lesson http://www.designalyze.com/2009/01/16/surface-panelization-definition/, everything turned out, except for one: I could not understand a single function, which is responsible for numbering panels.(after panel series and panel names)
I moved the various options, but they do not work at all or not work correctly.
Could you tell me what to be written to ensure that Panel fabrication Tag and Panel Surface Tag worked correctly? Thak you very much, if it will be possible!

davide del giudice said...

Hi Vladimir,
the component that you need to use forPanel fabrication Tag and Panel Surface Tag is
a function of a single variable: F= xy, x=Panel A text, y= Series.
Series is a logic function with this input: S=0, N=1, C=number of Srf4Pt that you can extract with list lenght ( List component) from Srf4Pt component.

Vladimir said...

I understand the logic chain and the importance of input data. I understand that x=Panel A(or B) text, y= Series{number of A(or B) panels=square a srf div numbers}.We have a two variable, not single(easy x=const)!
This all works fine and I have input the correct data).I checked it!
And then the first thing I tried was the version of the function "xy", but it does not work.
May be important punctuation in function description between "x" and "y"?

davide del giudice said...

Hi Vladimir,

put & between x and y like this : x&y, it works.

Vladimir said...

It works. Thank you very much! cheerio!!!