05 April 2009

Spaceframe 01_aast installation

author: Davide del Giudice, Andrea Graziano
web: http://madeincalifornia.blogspot.com/

Installation for aast /// advanced architecture settimo tokyo exhibition
Spaceframe structure is an installation of a 3d surface of flat triangular paper panels "massive" unrolled on plane and realized with lasercut technologies.
Triangular panels create a 3d pyramid surface configuration with parametric holes in the interior faces that have dimensions wich follow distances from centroid areas faces and one point attractor defined by user.

My rhino grasshopper definition was rebuilt, and optimized based on a definition found at Designalyze.I have implemented the new definition by including parametric functions to create a "massive unroll" pyramids getting a file with the panels A and B separated, numbered, with the faces of the pyramid united among each other trough common edge, flap to the joints between panels and more. In this way the lasercut machine come out of the panels that you just bend to get the final three-dimensional configuration.

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