24 August 2009

Image Field01 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

This definition works with new image sampler component. To work correctly make sure you're choosing Value(brightness) in filter option in the image sampler component and X e Y domain of the image sampler ( Setting option) longer than the texture image( easy way is to create a texture image big than the projection of the surface on the x,y plane).
The radius of the circle that have center at U,V points surface is connected with the brightness value of the texture image at the u,v points.

3 commenti:

luca.pavarin said...

Ho notato che hai estruso i cerchi. Io ho trovato la proiezione sulla superficie dei cerchi ma come si fa a bucarla? Ho provato in mille modi ma non ci riesco. Grazie.

Unknown said...

Could you please tell me what is the "Mul" Command doing in the script? I use grasshopper 0.9 but cannot find it.

Thank you very Much, Cristi

Unknown said...

Can you tell me please what is the "MUL" command doing in this definition? I use Grasshopper .9 and cannot find it. Thanks in advance.