25 September 2009

Radiolarian vector deformation ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Inspired by natural structure like radiolaria i've worked on this grasshopper definition.
Via Wiki:"Radiolarians (also radiolaria) are amoeboid protozoa that produce intricate mineral skeletons, typically with a central capsule dividing the cell into inner and outer portions, called endoplasm and ectoplasm (...)"

The complex structure of radiolaria was treated as a two-dimensional representation with a hexagonal pattern. A point controls the deformation of individual cells that make structure through a transformation of vectors connecting the vertices of the single cell with the point. The deformation of the grid can be caused by an attraction or a repulsion generated by the controller point.

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andromedea said...

Hello. very nice! But..

what did you use as input in the geometry button?

I dont understand if the ghx definition shown is complete or only partial wioth reference to the other pictures!

Would be great to have some insight..any suggestions how to do that?



Hi Andromeda,

I used an hexagonal pattern as geometry button. You can create this whit a simple array of one hexagonal cell in rhino or in grasshopper with grid hexagonal component.

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