20 January 2010

Rhino Tessellation04c_GH curvature analisys pattern01///////////////////////////////

I've translated this rhinoscript (link1, link2) in a grasshopper version.
The definition:
.subdivides a surface into a quadrangular panels.
.plots a circle or a closed spline(similar to an ellipse) with center in the centroid of each panels.
.scale the radius dimension trough a numeric values extrapolated from the curvature analisys of the input surface.

3 commenti:

paradise said...

Great Job !

Matias del Campo said...

Great Job! Davide...
I have a question...I´ve been trying to recreate this definition, however no dice here. I guess I must have one or the other wire wrong. I have checked it over and over again. It seems like the circle definition is connected somehow wrong. I get to the point that the surface is exploded and shows the curvature analysis. But thats it.....any ideas?



sweiland said...

Can you give directions to bake the surface into Rhino. I noticed that the loft component is missing in the rar definition. This is an incredible definition great job