10 February 2011

Live TAC_lectures

TAC course is cancelled.

LIVE TAC is a series of lectures which complements and integrates the advanced course TAC. The lectures will be held concurrently with the development of the course (January-April 2011) and will be dedicated to spreading and deepening the themes of generative architecture.

The intent is to provide a state of the art on international architecture while challenging new perspectives on making and building architecture. The lectures will be held in public at Rogers Hall of Politecnico di Milano, Via Ampere 2.


- Evan Greenberg [AA_London EmTech]
- Christina Doumpioti [AA_London EmTech]
- Matias del Campo [SPAN Architects]
- Sandra Manninger [SPAN Architects]
- Alessio Erioli [Università di Bologna e Co-de-iT]
- Federico Rossi [London Southbank Univertisy, bloomlab architects]
- Emanuele Naboni [Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts]
- Oliver Tessmann [Bollinger & Grohmann]
- Luis Fraguada [LaN & IaaC Barcelona]
- Filippo Innocenti [Zaha Hadid Architects - Roma]
- Edmondo Occhipinti [Gehry Technologies]
- Cristiano Ceccato [Zaha Hadid Architects]
- Marco Verde [HYPERBODY TU Delft]
- Luca dal Cerro [DecoDe]
- Giammichele Melis [Buro Happold]

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