07 October 2014

#Python script night session.

After a long time I'm writing a new post on this blog. In the meantime I worked on a new miniblog that you can find here: /http://madeconcept.tumblr.com/ with some wip of my latest works, I've updated my Linkedin profile as a Senior Architect at Zaha Hadid Architect and I'm still working on my personal website about luxury design, so stay tuned.

This is a Python rhinoscript that I wrote following the great online course done by Jose Sanchez on Pletora Project.

Download it from there and the rhino3d model.

2 commenti:

STU said...

can you please share a bit more about how you created the crvs in the top image. thanks!


Hi Stu,

basically there are due main curves divided by points ( point An, pointBn). For each couple of points there is an interoplate curve that pass by 2 points by two tangents of the 2 main curve, a mid point and other points perpendicular between the connection of point A and Point B.