12 February 2018

DESIGN STRATEGIES with MAYA Autodesk workshop Florence, Italy

Due to its potential Maya Autodesk is one of the resourceful tool of contemporary discussions of formal exploration in Architecture and Design.The workshop will be an opportunity for architects, students of architecture and designers to explore strategies to design in Maya , systematically with complex geometries following a professional workflow and to be ready to design a massing model for a concept phase or to design the own product design.Receive an overall of Autodesk Maya finalized to work with low‐poly mesh and basic/advanced tools in order to have a final high density mesh ready to be exported in Rhino or 3d printed.A final key exercise will investigate the potential of an high density mesh towards geometrical exploration and designing performance for the output of a FACADE DESIGN LAYOUT for a TOWER.
More info: http://cargocollective.com/davidedelgiudice/Facade-Components-Maya-ws

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