28 February 2007

Differentiation, Interface & Navigation.

"The agendas of differentiation, interface and navigation combine to articulate a new paradigm for the design of complex towers in urban contexts. On this new basis the tower typology will receive a new lease of life in the central metropolitan societies, where the desire for connectivity (rather than pure quantity) drives urban density. In the future, even more than is evident already now, this super-dense build up will be a mixed-use build up, where multiple life-processes intersect. These life-processes need to be ordered in intricate ways that nevertheless remain legible. More than ever, the task of architectural design will be about the transparent articulation of relations for the sake of orientation and communication. The differentiation, interfacing and navigation of spaces is stated as a clear agenda that will require a sophisticated, versatile language of architecture to be articulated in all its forms and contexts."

Patrik Schumacher, London 2006

via patrikschumacher.com/sky-craper

Sono contento che nel blog nascano spunti di discussione e ricerca, non solo con amici vicini ma anke oltreoceano ( vedi Truciolo). Allego delle immagini per chiarire ciò che scrive il braccio destro di Zaha Hadid, e qualche link a riguardo .

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Anonymous said...

where can we find more about these two buildings you posted on your two last pictures?
thank you;)


First image is a project o MAD, the Toronto Tower. The second image, sorry i don't remember...