13 June 2008

Parametric skin_02

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Anonymous said...


I have recently generated similar geometry on GC but they're not connected as they're separate components.

How do I blend the mesh together to create a smooth surface (printable)?

Thanks for your help!


davide del giudice said...

I've used GConly for generated separate features. Maybe you have to work on your fetaure for having continuity edges...i suppose the problem are in the continuity of the geometry, but i don't know your project. If you want mail me some screenshot of your file.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! What's the program you used to generate this particular geometry, can't seem to recognize the layout.

what's your email again?

davide del giudice said...

i used autodesk 3dmax 2008. You can find my mail under my photo on the left side of the blog, push "CONTACT: Made@ ". bye