13 June 2008

Parametric skin_03

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Howard Kim said...

hey- thanks for visiting my blog. some nice works going on here. look forward to your new posts!

i recently quit working for MAD. but i know for sure that they are hiring like crazy. they are growing very fast. send them your portfolio, if you have interest working there. feel free to mention my name as well :)

davide del giudice said...

Hi Howard Kim,

Thank you for visiting my blog, your is one of the most interesting that there are. Thanks also for information on work by MAD. Yansog MA will be in Turin, my city to make a lecture, I will surely see him and know him in person.
I will try to send my portfolio in your studio, you never know in life. Thanks again for everything and to share your research network.

kepp in touch


Howard Kim said...

Good luck :)